it was jz a memorable night!

  yesterday was penang’s high sch choirs competition, me n my wu tu brother thought it was in the evening so we went there about 6. what we saw was a dark dewan sri pinang building wit some event going on down stairs. that time we jz found out that we were late for 3 hours. haih..
  but we were not planing to go home so early. hehe. we went for a walk at the sea shore n some building around there. we get up the motor and my brother took me to botanical garden. everything is in a dark and freaky. the air was so cold. i heard about my brother’s scout experience there at 2 am. mz be very scary..
  we past the place where my grandpa rest in peace too! too bad its closed. haha. we went up batu ferringi to the mini mart at end of the world. we bought someting to bite n i twisted two 20 cents eggs. both are the same n red. so cute! 1 for my brother and 1 for me. haha. maybe its jz a useless rubbish 4 my brother. but it will always be a memorable cute little thing for me.
  we even had a supper in KHALEEL restaurant. my brother ordered something nice n yummy but i’ve ordered a roti tissue n a roti bom. both were so sweet that i could never stand it. arggh.. but others were nice. KHALEEL not bad la.
  so the conclusion is: i had a "sweet" supper wit my brother sambil watch tv in end of the world’s KHALEEL. haha, what a nice trip.

One response to “it was jz a memorable night!

  1. Michelle Goh

    wau! such a beautiful night u had!

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