A piece of memory

    I woke up from my bed; it was 8 in the morning. As I was struggling to open my eyes I started to feel repent for using the computer till 2 in the midnight last night. Mom bought me and Joanne some breakfasts from the market. I shall say, it is one of the best breakfasts when I could have more choices than a pao like what I’d always have in the morning.


    It began with a tease and stare by the parents and Mr. Tan when we got late to PCA for Grand Pix Open 2. The 2nd good thing happened when I found out my 1st round was a walkover. A free point for me even I was late. My flag dropped twice that day. Maybe blitz games are not my type. I didn’t have much time to come out with a good winning plan. Slowly I learned to be like the kids, telling myself that it is not suitable to be mistrust in blitz. 15 mins is a blink of time in chess. I’ve stop socialling like I’d always do in tourneys in between every round. As Jeff said, he does not talk in order to keep his mood in serious so that it will not affect the playing mood. I am still far to be good I know, but I found myself playing better since I did not feel any pressure and distraction at all. Chess is also a battle against psychologist. It shall be the same way as I played in MSSM 07, Awesome!


    That morning this chess tourney flew past, even the pieces and mats have been well stored, the only lefts are those abstract thought in my mind. We started to feel excited when we were thinking of going Queenbay soon. Mr. Tan gave us a ride and drops us at the main entrance of Queen Bay; we thanked him for his kindness and walked in. Hy was already at Borders when we stepped on the pathway. I could not wait to give him a smile and a friendly "hi" like I always did, someone I like a little more than any other of my friends. I glanced at his eyes. It was an unspeakable happiness to meet him again.


    Lunch was in Pizza hut. San has met a new Pakistan friend there. I started to snap pictures like a maniac, all I wanted was to freeze the moment and keep it well. Using my dad’s new bought camera, I managed to snap some nice pictures. Memory shall not be that abstract anymore. This is the second time we took pizza hut in the mall. Those restaurants at the basement are getting more and more beautiful and artistic. It was so comfortable to have a lunch there. I took one and a half slice of Hawaiian supreme, which is also the least quantity of pizza I’ve ever took. The reason was that I was shy to be waited by others since I’ve spent my time snapping pictures.


    We went to play some stuff and walked around during the 1 hour and 15 minutes before our movie showed. San went to meet J in borders and left us hanging around to no where until we went to hit some golf balls at Jusco sports department. I feel like having an advantage here, at least I could play a little better than him since it was his first time. I enjoyed the time walking and looked around with him and the gang.  After catching up with San, the laughing continues.


    We had movie and dinner. Enchanted is a nice movie. I sat with him for that 2 hours. I realize that I was just following him and tried to be close with this guy, someone you knew.. His parents even did come too; they were very nice and friendly. I did not know what shall I say besides a "hi". Yes, that was what San told me to do. Ming met us and we went down to have dinner in Wongkok. That was the time guides test stuffs came to disturb me. I had to plan and in form the other precious 4 about our "jurumasak" test tomorrow. I did not feel like ordering since my dad has kept my dinner at home. He asked me why I was so quiet, I ignored his caring. Saying an English word in front of these Pfs guys is so hard, while Chinese makes San feel uncomfortable. I chose to switch myself into silent mode. At least everyone can see and understand things I did without the wall of language. I hope they did not get annoyed by a girl who acts lame with some flash lights.


    I guess you enjoyed your Sunday too, right?


7 responses to “A piece of memory

  1. yea, the photo is nice…
    i did not enjoy my Sunday,
    brother came back…

  2. Well,it\’s a nice trip i never try before.
    I leave home in the morning,back at night..it\’s my first time..XD
    Thanks to you guys for giving me a such wonderful day.
    As wc told me before,a photo speaks a thousand words,totally agree!
    We can see how we enjoyed happily in queensbay through those pictures you took.
    However, you didn\’t mention that \’enchanted\’ nice? hahahaha……

  3. Who is that guy actually?
    The charming prince sat besiade you….

  4. lol. Hy is so special to u?

  5. yeah him.
    not much, he is just someone i like a little more than others.

  6. WoW so much photo u took
    want to become a photographer?

  7. TST, haha..
    I was just taking for fun.
    It would be hard if i treat it as a job.
    u know…i hate to have responsible

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