I saw dust on the new post button. Fat told me it’s time to update. I’ve gone busy these days, of guiding and chess. Life is so simple. We born, we live and we die. In the same moment, we have fun. I tried my best to enjoy life as I will die in the next second; it is what I read in an email few years ago: “Death is nothing to be fear, as long as you enjoyed your lifetime, there is nothing to regret.” For 15 years I have survived, things just went great.


    The song on play is In The End by Linkin Park. It’s an old song, but it does not matter as long as I like it. Altenative Rock is my type; I scream along with Chester while jumping around whenever there is nobody beside. Like giving out a cry, I release my pressure and sometimes anger through this. Don’t you?


    Joanne asked me out to Gurney tomorrow in her message just now. I replied with a “yes.” I should have known since she was in “prison” these days, all she wanted is to get a fresh air out of that place. She is my best friend while I am her best excuse to runaway. That is part of the reason we get so close to each other. It is so fun to be with her; somehow she is one of the only few who can accompany to do all the silly stuffs in my mind, a good companion.


    My fingers got paused on the keyboard while listening to the next song. It is Leave Out All The Rest, one of the best song I’ve heard. When my time comes; forget the wrong that I’ve done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. If you cannot see me anymore one day, do not cry. It is just my destiny.


December 14 3.30am


2 responses to “Dust

  1. I won\’t cry if I can\’t see you one day,
    but I\’ll cry if I can\’t see you forever anymore…

  2. I agree with wancing. 🙂
    Furthermore,I agree that "leave out of the rest" is one of the best song!!

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