At the meantime of PCL…

    I took bus with joanne and roti to PFS.

    I brought along some "ee".

    I had lunch with them in mcd.

    I met the gang in free school hall.

    I smiled to him, again. He smiled back.

    I helped a little in the preparation.

    I saw a lot of good players arriving.

    I used my time to talk to them as much as I could.

    I was jumping around happily.

    I asked myself whether it is a must to leave.

    I answered with a "yes".

    I looked at my watch, it was time to go.

    I told myself not to waste this trip.

    I then asked him to play bullet with me.

    I played 2 games with him after he agreed.

    I realized that he was not prepared for such a fast game.

    I waved to others after wishing him good luck.

    I started running like hell towards the bus stand.

    I got home 45 mins later than the time I promised.

    I saw all the left out my dad cooked for us.

    I kept the sawi in a Tupperware.

    I grab my stuffs and got up to the rented van with my big family.

    I did nothing but chewing the sawi one by one throughout the whole journey.

    I finished when we reached our destiny, Taiping Golf Resort.

    I was the 1st to lie on the bed when we got in.

    I went night safari (ZOO) with my cousins under my parents’ companion.

    I feel sorry to the animals as they have lost their freedom.

    I then thought of a question, "Why… why they must suffer for us to… Pay and Watch?"

    I found the answer before I slept, "because human are selfish."

    I was the last to wake up in the next morning.

    I walked around after having breakfast.

    I lead my cousins and my brother to climb into our suite’s balcony, none followed.

    I changed into my swimsuit.

    I jumped into the pool with them.

    I enjoyed the moment while hiding silently under the water.

    I got bully by my brother in the pool as usual..

    I screamed when he lifted me up and threw me into the water.

    I planned for revenge, it failed.

    I packed and got up to the van with my family.

    I slept in the van after lunch.

    I stared at the beauty of nature in taiping.

    I was stopped by the rain, when I wanted to have a walk by the lake.

    I knew the day was getting late, we got to leave.

    I reached Penang when I opened my eyes again.

    I was very tired after doing nothing throughout the trip.



    We had dinner together in Tesco and shopped for a short while.

    It turned out that I do not even know how to spend time my family members, especially the elders.



3 responses to “At the meantime of PCL…

  1. I envy you because you got brother…hahaa….

  2. u went for a trip too yea..
    from another point of view,
    i dont think those animals are actually suffering,
    u see, their natural habitats are being destroyed by us humans,
    on the other hand, we have these so called Zoo-s for them to live,
    they dont have to hunt food by themselves where the process of hunting might be difficult and dangerous for their new births.
    We have seriously destroyed their natural habitats,
    but we make them adaptable to their new high-tech-natural-habitats…
    see, 人类时常都在自相矛盾

  3. wc,
    they are animals! we should let them run free and live in their own way.
    I would rather get bite and die than be kept in a cage for the rest of my life.
    it is all about FREEDOM..
    2 choices,
    to be bullied or to be cared.
    one is brother another is sister.

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