oh, that’s my result.. wth!?

    My tears dropped non-stop after knowing my PMR result. 6A 2B. I did not know what to do besides crying on choon yong’s shoulder. Like every PMR examiner, we were aiming higher. I knew my Geo marks is dangerous, I could almost get an A if I did less 2 mistakes. 7 is always a little better than 6 isn’t it? It was the day I cried the most. I saw distance between us and those who got better results, all the straight A and me.. I couldn’t jump around with them in tears of joy; I could only sit a side while staring… I never expected such a bad result appearing to me, never, ever..


    What am I? A lazy student who sleeps in class. Yes, I admit. If only I worked a little harder, thing would not be that bad… What a painful punishment God gave me. I guess I learn my lesson now.. SPM, gonna sapu all ler… =/


    By the way, I would like to thank those who comforted me when I felt totally bad yesterday.. Those few lines in msn from you guys worth a thousand for me. Thanks for drying my tears.


6 responses to “oh, that’s my result.. wth!?

  1. ow well
    nvm lar
    its over d
    then u\’ll know its nothing too hard on you
    look ahead for form 4
    cheer up!

  2. we have to look forward,
    but the most important thing is we have to know the mistake we made before moving forward…
    be happy,
    cheer up, dude!!

  3. Yeah,Cheep Up!
    The distance between us and them is nothing,we can work harder together next year!

  4. 嗯,我不是很会安抚人。。。

  5. haiz, stop worrying, i mean…. even my fren last year who got 6A\’s and 1B was jumping around.(he is a smart kid) so dun say there is a distance between u and them. focus on form 4, juz remember the phrase: form 4 is not honeymoon year.  you will probably hear that a lot.

  6. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks.
    to YP, GF, CY, my Dear and Arvind.
    Looking forward to f4, i shall work hard for it.

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