New Year Eve’s Party

    It was the last day of 2007. A dreamy morning, a fine afternoon, and one of thong’s best party.


    I went late to the bus terminal; Joanne was waiting for me while queuing to buy an ice-cream. We went to attend a meeting in Girl Guides HQ. It is about our BAKP. "huh? Taking BAKP so fast!?" Good question, they let us do the 3 months services earlier to make our way to Queen easier. As I tried to help Ms Kam in the office, I was very late to the meeting. Things that Pn Chan said I just absorbed a quarter. ~Queen Guide ~Queen Guide. I was totally affected by their words. I suddenly thought of leaving my mind blank to concentrate with my Guides tests. There is the preparation I need to get them done for the 1st class test this Sat, the log books I need to do, and the details I have to search online. It is still so much to go…


    I had no chance to think that much; I went back with Joanne directly by bus. We had a talk while standing, I really hope she could make to the party, but her mom didn’t want to say yes. I lost a chance to share my joy with her again..


    We arrived at 7.30. They were having fun inside with chess, card games and play station games. I took a look around the room; I did not see him… I sat a side and started chewing and swallowing beside choon yong, it was the card games neighborhood. We missed the count down, but at least we yelled "happy new year!" few mins after 12.. Thong rang our phones to wish us. It was nice. He was in Tesco with TEH. We then gathered in the room and played truth or dare. San talked the most, we took turns to ask and answer. It then turned into Dare, only. I had chances to listen to their singing voices and watched the engagement acts. I enjoyed and laugh a lot while sitting besides San. He is a good entertainer. They even rushed to chase thong to give him some kisses. Poor feller, he locked himself in the toilet for a very, very long time..


    As the game went on, the room suddenly turned dark. Someone took away the key. Someone, we didn’t know who. It was 3.53am, I started to notice the suite and imagine. Like those ghost stories I heard, things are gone in a sudden mysteriously, strange happens after that. Thong was the biggest suspend, we knocked the door of the other room. I told that this game was not fun at all and I was scared. I felt totally uncomfortable at that moment. Jing Yao opened the door and we got thong. The lights were back and thonggy thong got screwed by the boys. Ha-ha. And then we continued our engagement show. Starring: Roti and CN.


    We played until bored; many have been closing their eyes. I was ordered to sing some songs. I enjoyed performing my voice in the dark. I chose Leave Out All The Rest. It was my first time to feel that comfortable to sing in front of others. Their applause was the best gift. The room got harmony. San told a story about Prince Sanjeevwa and Jacklyn The BLACK Witch. Every word he said made me laughed and laughed. The story is lame, but the way he talked is very funny. For many times I would agree, he is a true joker.


    The light was off for me again, I shared my story, it is about him. They are truly good listeners. I spoke my feelings, from knowing to admire, like to love and lastly heart broken. I’ve got enough of all the disappointments he gave me. I never thought love to be that hard, that hurting. It has been one and a half year since I started noticing, until last Christmas. The gift I received from janet was killing me. I shall try to let go. Get off and leave. It is hard but I’ll do that.. They clapped again. It sounded like an encouragement for me. Thanks, I shall say. You guys are always the best.


    TEH and thong they all were backSan is black. They bought us roti canai-S. Thanks TEH for paying for us. I ate and went back into the room. St was talking the story about us. Step by step, since the day we met.


    I feel asleep at the corner while listening to the remaining stories. I don’t know what happened until San woke me up. I went to squeeze with them on the bed. The air was chilling us. Roti kept singing and making noises beside me. It was already 7.20 in the morning. I couldn’t wait to whack him. San tried his very best to silent this feller. TEH’s muak muak plan was failed. San gave him a kiss on his cheek and then he stopped. I can’t stop laughing while thinking of it now. A new born gay couple, it is so funny!


    I woke up at 9.30 morning, left Arvind, Randy and I in the room. I don’t know why others went out. The air was very cold, even in the living room. I had a fight with San for the blanket. Randy helped. I tried to wet him, but then it ended up with a splash onto the tv. I felt like a kiddo, a 15+ years old kiddo who threw the wet tissue to blacky and hid beside Randy.


    My mom came at 10. We waved to the others and left. 5 persons squeezing in the back seat of proton is "not fun at all". I continued sleeping for the whole day after I got home … =.=


    It was one of the best party I’ve ever attended. Thanks Thong.


    By the way, it is a new year for every one of us. I hope you guys will have more colorful attachments in your coming days. Life is beautiful.


Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



I hope I am not too late; my connection was broken yesterday…



4 responses to “New Year Eve’s Party

    There\’s something hidden in this post,
    something very special…..
    HAPPY 2008!

  2. GF! what did you mean by hidden?
    haha.. happy new year to ya too..

  3. Well,i started feeling regreted….
    I went back so early! and miss all the funny show..aiyoyo…
    Btw,roti is boon wue or saufei?XD

  4. cy, haha..
    I hope thong will organise another party again.
    Looking forward for chinese new year..
    hahahahahahha.. XD..
    LOL! roti wue wue, is boon wue.

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