Forgeting, all the hurt inside you’ve learnt to hide so well.
    Pretending, some one else can come and safe me from myself.
    I can’t be who you are…
    When my time comes,
    Forget the wrong that I’ve done.
    Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.
    And don’t resent me, when you’re feeling empty,
    Keep me in your memory,
    Leave out all the rest…
    I saw his name appearing online. It is so hard to treat him as a normal friend. So hard to face him..
    San asked me to forget about him. This is torturing me…
    How could this happend to me? I feel so bad, please tell me what to do…

4 responses to “Unforgetable

  1. know
    anything else can bother u then…
    try ba!

  2. heyz, cheer up…. this is not the end…. life is a long journey. This is just a small pebble you stopped on. of course it hurts, but it is not permanent. move on…. focus on your studies for now….. the time will come….

  3. Just believe in yourself…
    "If you think you can, you can"

  4. Well…..Life goes on , one way or another. =\\its your decision to choice which way.^^ choose the happier way hahax….

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