I took bus home from again. Mom and dad are too busy to hirau me, neither me want to chap the sch bus driver. I reached home around 2.55pm, I found nobody. It has past our normal lunch time, I went to the kitchen and started to look for food. I found Nothing, besides some scramble eggs and pieces of bread. Mom has no time to prepare for me, and gave me extra pocket money. She must has expected me to settle myself. I’ve got bored of outside food. They melt plastic and charge me extra expensive. I found some spaghetti in the cupboard and tuna cans. Those are bought by my dad. In case I am hungry I guess.. Without a second thought I decided to cook myself, it is not hard actually. I used up an hour to make the spaghetti and . I shall say, it’s the best one I’ve ever tried. Simple and nice.

Happy viewing! It is in my stomach now..


ToTomaghetti I named it..

It’s the tomato pasta I wanted to use, but I found some micro-living-things inside.. So I threw it away.

Instead of using that, I chose tomato sauce. It taste as yummy as it.

San Remo Spaghetti.


And of course, I added some cheese.

With the whole can of tuna fish. This meal tasted extremly perfect!

Well, this is my lunch, how much would you rate out of 5?


8 responses to “Totomaghetti

  1. MMMM.. looks damn tasty! next time come to my house n cook for me lar! XD

  2. WAHHHHHHHH yummy yummmy! If i rate it 100 out of 5 , will i get a free meal ? ^^

  3. Yummy Yummy…
    Can\’t wait to taste your cook?

  4. 5 out of 5 ! The 卖相already nice! no need to try de….XD
    Next time i go your house,we cook together k? hahahaa..

  5. lol, whole can of tuna fish??
    u must be very full??
    Happy Mealing…

  6. lookid,
    lol, if i come ur house cook i must charge one eh.. XD
    Ah fat!
    omg, it\’s an improper fraction. thanks.
    and too bad u still wont get a free meal,
    u owe me one since long ago!
    as ur "wife" of course i will cook for ya,
    maybe some day. :>
    ah yong,
    ok! no problem.
    let\’s burn the kitchen together.
    it\’s not very much actually,
    the can of tuna contained a quarter of oil.
    it left jz a few after i poured it out.=/

  7. lolx keng!!2 words :TEACH ME xD…..

  8. wy,
    4 words:
    haha.. XD

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