As you know, I enjoy taking pictures and EVERYTHING I find it nice. I feel very uncomfortable since I lost the chance to do so.. It was in the last holidays, my brother spoiled the camera lance while I spoiled my own hand phone. A camera is a "permintaan" of mine. I enjoy keeping all the good moments and view in a memory card and then upload to share. It has been almost a month! They are still in the hospitals.. As people always say, we never learn to appreciate something until we lose it… But I am missing them badly! By the way, I would like to show my appreciation to my GF too, she is one of those who affected me enjoy taking photos like mad.
    I borrowed my uncle’s camera and my mom’s phone, but I can’t keep them always with me. I missed out those interesting sceneries and the best views. As an example, I saw lightning in the dark sky just now, it was extremely amazing. It is just too bad that I did not manage to capture it… I shall say the sky is the best gift from God, from morning until night, different colors and sceneries. They are all so fantastic. Here’s a quote from me: "Whenever you think life is dull as there is no good looking boys and girls walking on the streets, look up to the sky! There is the most beautiful one above you.I admire the fascinating photos taken by professional photographers. A press of the button at different times and angles would make a big difference. Your eyes will tell you that it’s a "good" image and they enjoy viewing it.^^
    Among a thousand of photos I took, I find only a few good ones. That is part of the reason my brother kept teasing me as I took rubbish. I admit, and I no longer want him to label my photos with a "R". I am learning! Well, and the other reason he says that is also because he wants to get into trouble with me. That’s why brother and sister like us always fight. No matter where and when.
    As I have been losing my camera and phone for such a long time, I really hope they would be done soon. I don’t enjoy using my cousin’s ex-phone as a replacement of mine… In case you did not know that, I dropped my phone into the toilet bowl that dizzy morning.. But the bowl was clean k..! It just got wet. =.=
These are some reasons we should love the sky, I grabbed from the internet… Enjoy!
JD ratter, Shetland Photographer
Lake scenery
Snow and shadow

4 responses to “Photography

  1. ^^ good luck LOL…. you will need alot of patience to get the correct lighting and etc etc… to get a good picanyways… lolx if u really like naturecheck this artist gallery (one of my favourite artist ) ^^–2

  2. I like nature too!! It looks peaceful. =)
    Especially the sunrise/sunset.
    When i grow up later,I will buy a camera myself and take those kind of photos as many as possile!
    hahaa…still dreaming…

  3. Just wait patiently…
    Your precious camera and handphone will be back soon!

  4. I was mentioned in your blog!
    u know, sometimes when i see all these beautiful fantastic photos,
    I\’m really desperate for a DSLR!!!
    it\’s one of my wishlists….

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