Some weirdy crap

I missed school today, cause I was not feeling well.
 As my 3A classmates they know me well.
 I was always absent, due to a weird self-torturing hobby.
School works are getting more; I am getting lazy.
My interest in study and guides are going less.
I just like to play chess,
to whack people with fingers or even get smack back.
My expressiveness is getting worst than before.
Please do not mind me writting in short sentences.
She told me something as I stayed back in school,
something affected my feelings.
I feel bad and sorry to him.
I did not know I am that bad in solving relationships.
I just know myself.
I only know how I feel.
I never care, I never listen, I never want to know.
And I want to change.
I got confused when there are 2 Hui Ting’s in my class.
I want a nick name,
a special one for myself,
to use everytime I am in school.
Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Some weirdy crap

  1. Sometimes, something cannot be described by words,
    not to even mention saying them out with your own mouth…
    Sometimes, you won\’t comprehend something until you really experience it…
    even if you have, we, humans with incredible minds,
    can\’t explain everything, even the simplest ones…
    just like, 0/0 = undefined…
    till now, we don\’t have an explanation to this
    cheer up, dude!
    think of only your target…

  2. I will give u one simple and nice answer.Wormy Ting ^^ simple enough ? Nice to hear nice to see, once touch,considered sold xD

  3. Chong! why wormy.. =.=

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