Bla bla, Habahaba

    I do agree with people who says "girls like to gossip" and I would like to do it now. I can’t wait to write something about her. Okay, at least to express my thoughts.

Let (subject)Her=Habahaba.


    I’ve known this girl since form 2 as we were taking the same school bus. We never talk. I never see her Smile, her face was like everyone-owing-her-a-thousand-bucks. Okay, that’s what I thought about last time.


    As we were rushing for PMR around august last year, I visited the library almost everyday after school with a bunch of friends. She was in the same class with Jessel, one of my good friends. So she followed us. She was very VERY hardworking as I saw her doing exercises and revising for all the time. I had a simple chat with her. Her style of speaking is very quick and a little weird. It made me felt uncomfortable while talking to her. We were all rushing and pia-ing like hell those days. Okay, I know it was because I never listen in class so I have to pay off extra hard work to study instead of doing revisions! While Habahaba, is abnormal. She read her reference books over and over again… Did more exercies and more practises… A "pia" word is written on her forehead for all the time. She was so scary…


    I ended up with 6A and got kicked into 4s2. I cried, but I actually shouldn’t. I’ve learnt the equation of No effort= Bad results. On the first day of school I saw her sitting in 4s2, and I wondered secretly. Well, it is quite a good news for one who got into the 2nd class from the 3rd. She improved; I did not. Sitting in this class is making me feel different. I realize that most of my classmates are actually very obedient and hardworking, aren’t like the 1st class monkeys who make noises and fool around all the time but still having excellent results. I guess it’s the difference of studying methods.


    Back to Habahaba, she is now sitting around my neighborhood. I do not like her. I admit I have always been sensitive to people. I feel like this girl is trying to competitive with me. For instance, we were asked to hand up a summary about today’s history lesson. Each group has to hand up at least one. I volunteered to contribute in this lesson as a part of my group. Habahaba knew that and suddenly volunteered to do that too! It was totally opposite of her reaction as last history homework. She felt so proud and showed off to me right after finishing it.


    She is always like trying to convince me not to study… Do not do revisions… I replied nothing, since I never do so. I wonder what is going wrong with this world. Mad people studying all the time but do not wish others even to read a page. Habahaba always said that she never study, never revise and neither doing exercises. I know her well. I saw her importing a whole stack of form 4 revision books since the first few days of schooling. This kind of human being is placed into the "am-pia" category. They are afraid to let people know what they have learnt. They like to hide while working hard. Studying is not wrong anyway, why can’t they just admit it in a nice way? It seems very hard for them to say "Yes, I revised Bio yesterday. So what? “What I am trying to tell is the way I can’t stand H for being that and I don’t like it. I really don’t like her.


   I got to start working hard, to beat Habahaba flat. I want to prove that studying using her method is crazy anyway. Oh ya, I just found out a fact! I usually crap without doing. KK, I know… I hope I will do as I said. I never learn to manage my time well. As a good excuse of not doing revisions for me is "I don’t have enough time!” How do you guys’ discipline yourself anyway? The main pc switch is always attracting me, I am addicted to the internet. 


                                                                         Sorry for writing such a long crapy passage and thanks for reading!


9 responses to “Bla bla, Habahaba

  1. whenever u feel like using the pc,
    just smash ur pc with something,
    that\’ll will seriously work…
    when they\’re sent to be repaired…
    feel like dying now…
    lack of O2,

  2. lol! my mom will then smash me like a tennis ball.
    Brilliant you. =.=

  3. oh, this kinda am pia ppl =) chung ling have alot loh…..kap siao in class,am pia at homehow to discipline urself?? quite ez… delete everything in the computer ( msn too ^^ ) except internet explorerxD then well u can sit in front of the computer doing nothingsoon u will be bored enough until u wont have anything else to do except revising

  4. LOL…. forgot something….invite habahaba to paintballhehe…. show her your proness

  5. somehow make sure ur mom or dad bans u from computer related activities…LOL. remember the party on new year\’s eve… i went to that party which meant no more Audition Online for me… a game so addictive… im kinda happy now… i dun waste too much time on it….well, i dun even play it anymore… try to avoid koko activities btw, seriously, they can waste time… be active but not too active. u said that you are not taking tuitions this year… ok, see how it works out… if it goes as planned…. one word: WOW!!, but if u wanna do better, i suggest tuition next year… coz they can give u great tips for ur SPM. >study hard…play hard!!!<

  6. I am addicted to the internet too! 😛
    So,just hope we are able to wake up ourself.
    The time to play,then play.
    The time to study,then study…

  7. LOL
    I know who is she. k la,too obvious d.

  8. In this case, i displicine mydelf by controlling lar…I am also addicted to the internet but i controlled…
    Juz like me…use the computer wisely…and about the time management is u should spend for time on studies and not others…there is no such thing as no time bcoz everyone has 24hours…nobody has less and nobody has\’s very fair…i can afford to manage my time wisely bcoz i am always strict to myself.For example, i spend almost 12hours to study in a day and online the most is 2hours, 1hours for sports and chess is 3hours..i use the rest of the time to do productive thing such as physicall training, praying for peace and others…it\’s good that u tell all this thing bcoz i love to solve problems especially for this type of topic…hope u can get my point…Honestly, i did really study AT LEAST 12hours of books, magazines and all sorts of knowledgeable books which will help me in the future…

  9. My school is quite hardworking for studies but many are \’bookworm\’…They seldom participate in sports.That\’s where i take back the lead…and i also care much about studies…u r right, paying attention in class is very important key of sucess…it will help u to understand thigns that are not told in the texkbook or revision book…and u juz need to revise and not try to understand when u read for the first time…this is a tip of getting good results…i hav bad results during primary school but this tip help me a lot in secondary school…and this tip will always help good students.For example, they save time, they save their energy and concentration.Actually, doing pratice in a exercise is equal to tuition also it is juz that u can choose ur own time to do not like tuition time is fixed.U may ask more by sending e-mail or offline msg.thx i may not hav anything more to add.That\’s all the tips i can giv. And lastly, i would like to apologize if i ever be rude to u.Thx for giving me a chance to giv objections.

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