Answers needed..

    I asked my mom this question that night, "How would you think IF your daughter has a boyfriend?" She replied with a simple answer, by telling me it is not suitable to find my right one at this age. There are many years until I need to get married, some of her friends were dating since teen age, they never consider about others until the day they get married and started to regret.. I was advised to know more people before choosing. Okay, I thought this puppy love is just for fun. We were looking from different angles. I treat love as a game, a romantic game instead of a lifetime accopanier. So then, I decided to have good friends than "boyfriend". Love is a stupid trap I fell into.
    Mom told dad about this weird question I asked, they both thought I am having a boyfriend. Dad asked me when we were eating steamboat; I explained that I am just asking, for fun. Nobody would like this kind of me anyway. Dad began his thoughtful "speech" again. He likes to tell me and brother a lot of stories and teach us lessons about life. This time was different; he asked me some questions without explaining,
"What is the definition of love?"
"Before that, what is friendship?"
and lastly
"If friends are always by your side, but what happens when you are sad and your friend is feeling worst?"
    I lost my words in a sudden. I found that I could not answer that, I can not explain what love is and I think I fell in love? Worst of all, I do not even know what is friendship. So who are those talking to me whenever I feel bad? They are not clown aren’t they.. But who are they?
    Shit, I am confused with stupid questions again…

5 responses to “Answers needed..

  1. =P here i am to give shit answers again1) There is no definition to love cause u can only experience it and its effect2) Friendship….xD….. Its where when you dont need to say a word to that person and that friend will understand you~3) Well atleast you are experiencing the same thing. Cant both of you cry together? xDIn the end =PP

  2. Thanks for ur "shit" ans wy,
    but then how to differenciate love and not love?

  3. love? hahax! love is undefinable except by 1 word, love. friends? are those ppl hum u need or they need u… make it easy a bit, friends = friends. okie? XD

  4. Love…is a "one way street feelings" bcoz u will regret if u never think carefully juz like chess… 
    friendship is a situation where u will feel lonely at any time(not like me, friendless)
    now…if u r sad and your friend is feeling worst, then u both should discuss the problems together
    the person talking to u whenever u feel bad is ur heart for of course bcoz u will always feel that first which means that ur heart is talking to u.That\’s all i can tell about. U could send me offline msg for any objections.Lastly, i would like to thank u for giving me the chance to speak.Thx.

  5. And sry for giving all this objection so late coz many things to deal with b4 this

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