I saw my juniors wearing guide’s "uniform" without scarves again.. all 4 I saw and I asked them to put on, they ignored me with stupid excuses…
Since the minute we step out of our house, the uniforms Must be full no matter where we go.
They never learn to respect their uniform…
I feel bad for this since…              I am the one who was supposed to teach them last year.
Useless ex-CL=ME, so Ting=useless.

5 responses to “Speechless..

  1. HMM…not your fault la,
    they should know what to do…
    Ting is NOT equal to useles! =)

  2. dong gim er gina is lidat er lar, nt ur fault, is them. let them suffer 1 day by themselves lar if they still dun listen to u.
    n rmb, Ting is NOT EQUAL to useless! Ah Ting Ah Ting GOGOGO! XD

  3. actually & honestly,
    ting left out the "stroke" on the equal
    so dont be mistaken..

  4. lolx. if you\’re useless,what am i?

  5. Never say ownself like this wan…U must hav self-confidence…
    Everyone has only 1 enemy->ownself
    This spirit will help a person to sucess!

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