Another Ting’s “keperluan”..

Oh ya! I just realize that it’s been a long long time since I played a computer game!
NO Warcraft, neither Starcraft..
NO Need For Speed..
NO Unreal..
NO Worms..
NO Butterfly war..
NO Battlereams..
Even the Sims pun tak ada..
What is ting’s life without games.. I can’t wait to get a personal computer to install every-single-programme which I want to!
My life is getting colorless with the books… 
Eagerly awaiting for the next PC FAIR..! =)

6 responses to “Another Ting’s “keperluan”..

  1. haha, i also long time din touch the game d! hehex! n im also looking forward to having my own laptop! ^^ 1day lai tiok dota lar, XD

  2. GTA? hahahahahaaa………

  3. hm..? why so funny ler.. cy?

  4. Great Teacher Anthony.  =D
    (don\’t faint….bluek.)

  5. LOL.. smart relation!

  6. lol. cy,looks like you\’re in evan\’s gang.
    i would say,he is CREATIVE. swt=sing with thong huh.

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