(wei yang: "just got to love life." ) I support this when I realize that the man I’ve known for almost 16 years is the best man on earth to me!!
    I was planning to do a party with the gang, for all chess freaks. CLHS made a clash with us.. Dad said it is ok for the money he paid for the booking as I asked to. He just wants me to take it as a lesson. I lost my words that moment. 280 bucks just flew away from his wallet. He lost his money because of his playful daughter again… For times and times I needed his help, no matter big or small. He did so for me and.. That’s all! I never return, neither showing some appreciation..
    I have never learned to appreciate the person who cares about me. I have always been asking for this and that. I never care. "Father" was a term for me to request everything that I wanted to. Did you ever call someone just to ask "how are you?"? I received a thousand of these calls from my dad, but I never do so to him… I only contact him whenever I need something. He cares, he worries, all about me; I treated them as nothing but annoying. I didn’t even want to talk to him! I remembered the email I received some time ago, about a tree and a child, describing parents who give without asking back and the children who never appreciate.
    I found another guilty of mine again, maybe and also most of the children’s too. I should learn to be thankful. Look what we are given, Parents! They are the best people around us! Sometimes they might be unreasonable to us, but they are the best trees for us to rely.
    I have no idea how to express my feelings in this moment.. I know this passage is totally in a mess. I just like to say that.. I am regret of the entire bad attitudes I gave him and I will always love him-a sometimes-stuborn-but-all-time-caring Father.                                                                                         Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

5 responses to “DAD…

  1. no tis passage is not in a mass, n in fact i like tis passage so much! u r correct, parents is the most valuable gift to us!

  2. Thanks..

  3. =) Good that you are able to act before its too late.Life itself is already what we called "Heaven"xP … enjoy your stay~~

  4. nice blog, parents are the best.
    they\’ll never leave you behind no matter what happens.
    appreciate them is all we can ever do.

  5. It was actually all my fault…I am the black sheep…I will find a way to pay back that amount of money in the future…sry for that…
    And parents may be a bit to chatty sometimes but they are always willing to help u…I hav the same problem with u also but i tolerate…thx for giving me a chance to giv objections…hope to meet u again…And when i meet u again i hope that i could already find a way to pay back the money.Thx

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