Happy Chinese New Year



I’m late, but I just want to wish everyone having a Happy Chinese New Year.
There are still 13 days of it.
My first two CNY 2008 was great.
It was really like a carefree holiday, to different places with mom and dad without my brother who has got kidnap by his girl friend.
I hope you guys enjoyed the first two days with your family too. =)


Don’t forget your culture too. 
That’s one of the few the elders left for us…


5 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year

  1. Whee~!!
    But….three more days left only….T.T
    Happy Chinese New Year~!

  2. lalala,
    happy CNY
    3rd/4th time d..??

  3. ^^ Happy Chinese New Year

  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you too…Sry if i am reply lately and juz a little comment…coz very bz

  5. Secret boy,
    It\’s ok, since it\’s not necessary for you to leave comments in all my post.
    Thanks neway

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