Kerachut Trip analysing..

It was my fifth time to Kerachut.. I did not know I really made it again!

1st reason to =) – arvind, choon yong and wan cing turned up.

We used 1 hour and 15 mins.

 2nd reason to =) – slowest record but most memorable journey.

We hiked.

3rd reason to =) – we managed to survive even we really heard some "weirdy and horrible sound"

We talked a lot.

 4th reason to =) – No awkwardness among us even Arvind is the only boy in the gang.

We reached finally.

 5th reason to =) – Yeah, finally. Everyone was fine.

We crossed the bridge.

 6th reason to =) – It is great to visit the beach again, I missed the shaky bridge.

We took off our shoes.

 7th reason to =) – I get to step onto the softy sand again.

We went bathing.

 8th reason to =) – I managed to survive in the freezing water.

GF and Arvind belanja me choc cake and biscuits.

 9th reason to =) – Nothing to say but thanks.

We went the pondok.

 10th reason to =) – It was great.

The man offered us a ride back to teluk bahang.

 11th reason to =) – At last I get to have a view of Taman Negara from the sea, especially Monkey beach.

We went to the rocky sides.

 12th reason to =) – It was so fun to climb around, I am no longer afraid.

We took photos again.

 12th reason to =) – We were keeping the best memories in digital.

We then reached the place we started.

 13th reason to =) – We had a chance to enjoy the sea view at the port again, nobody fell.


Forget the =/ things..


Conclusion: It is the best to spend time with friends while stepping into nature’s path.

Great Day.



ps.. But there is still a =/ thing to be unforgetable.. We did nothing even when we heard some people yelling in the forest. Arvind said it was a fun scream but…


2 responses to “Kerachut Trip analysing..

  1. xD…… let the next time be after i get my lisenceswakakakaka…….. then can go appreciate nature\’s beauty before it is gone~~

  2. sure! I\’ll be ready with my insurance.
    kerachut\’s beauty is no longer there..
    the environment is getting polluted.

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