Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to wish you guys Happy Valentine’s day.
I walked home from Gurney again, this time is at 11pm.
It was a great Valentine’s evening for me who went out to the plaza.
I used my uncle’s 3.2mp camera cause mine was spoiled for this time.
Gonna manipulate the images since the quality is not so good.
I hope what I come out will not dissapoint the viewers.
Entitled *Blured Valentine’s Day 08*(no more.. d la. sorry.)

6 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy Valentine\’s Day!
    Love ya!^^

  2. no choc.. no teddies..
    but nvm.
    I\’ll still love ya too!

  3. Happy Valentine\’s Day to you too…Enjoy your life…

  4. Happy Valentine\’s day to u too o~
    p/s sori 4 d late wish ==\’

  5. xD…. Happy ValentinesGood luck manipulating~~^^ restoring will be harder abit, but i have faith u can figure it out

  6. Thanks and happy Lunar Valentines!
    Fresh word for me, i\’ll try. =)

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