Pointless Study

    I really wish to quit my school at this moment, at least transfer to somewhere I am interested. I do not get why I am studying in school. Of all 12 subjects we are now FORCED to study.. I do not like at least 5 of them. I mean.. I am now in Science stream because I do not like accounting, then I realise that I have no interest in science too. My dream has no relation with Biology, Chemistry and just maybe a little Physics. Alright I never state my ambition before but I do not think it will be related to Bio and Che either. I just like to study in a place all about art, about photographing, designing and stuffs. It is totally opposite with what am I studying in school now! Thinking about the art class in my school, they study crap too.. It’s just made for those "hopeless" students the teachers call.
    Plus, I hate Moral and Sivic. They are talking crap. I do not think I need to elaborate, you guys know why. They are wasting our time and memory spaces remembering them deadly. What for? And A1 in SPM and that’s the end of all the hard work? What’s the use of having exams of useless subjects? We make no use in our daily lifes neither in the furture. We can study moral but not in an exam-ing way, won’t you agree so?
    School is no longer a place for us to gain knowledge but to prepare for SPM. Spm this and Spm that. What the F*ck my teacher was telling us to start preparing for Spm since last year. They do not teach for us to learn but to get an A1 and that’s the end of the story. They make their boss happy. Everyone is having pressure, stress for Exams. Exams Exams and Exams.. I am having Biology test tmr and I am going to fail so what?
    I hate the goverment schools syllabus. Mom is too busy to give advices for my idiotic so call problems. I really wish to break this idiotic law of studying in my country.
To get through all these, then look back and critic
just runaway?
Somebody please tell me what to do to change this poor fact.
    This passage is sounding messy again. I am sorry, I have no idea to express my thoughts in orders. Here’s a simple one.
1)I hate what am I studying now.
2)Gov schools syllabus s*cks.
3) [1+2] Everyone is blamming as I am, but what can I do?

7 responses to “Pointless Study

  1. yea, i agree, moral is stupid the way they have done it… just think 2 more years, 2 more years, 2 more years.. enjoy your form 4 for now.. if you do well for SPM, u can further your art interests. i have a fren who was in art stream, but now she is taking an art course in usm because she applied for it… juz be patient and get through skool life… patience is virtue :P. get through it with frens, thats how i did it.. and here i am 😀

  2. "Study is for sake of learning,not for exam",
    but,many of us cannot do that, as the main factor that your mentioned,
    some subjects are forced to study!….No choice….
    Btw,civic would not involve in SPM right….
    I guess this can consider as one of the way to console ourselve.LOL!
    1.)Hate,but need to study too. The main responsibility of being a student.
    (The pathway that we must go through…So,what to do?)
    2.)Gov schools syllabus….We can only change it if we become the prime minister once day later.XD
    3.)Err,just accept the fate…… xP
    Perhaps, we should change some point of view on it.
    Think of those subjects you like then!
     It might be useful to reduce the blame on other subjects….I guess….

  3. you cannot change the reality. these are the facts that you must accept. cheer up.
    you should think of the consequences of choosing science stream before you make any decision.
    since now you\’ve choosen science,do not fear to venture,and do it well for urself.
    2 years,just 2 years. and remember,we are with you.

  4. For me, i study for general knowledge and not for exam. I never study for exam, i use general knowledge to take exam. That\’a why my results may be a bit bad. But i still can survive. Why? That\’s bcoz i pay attention during lessons. I totally agree about ur opinion. Sivics and Moral are exactly talking about craps. I usually use general knowledge to answer all the quesiotns asked. I may help u on Biology and Chemistry. Juz tell me when u r ready to study. Actually, art and science streams are useful. U muz see wat occupation u wan in the future. For example, secience streams are for teachers, doctors and…while art streams are for artist, businessman and… u hate wat u r studying? In that case, u will not sucess.Lazy=Bad Results

  5. Cooldude,
    I\’m glad that you\’ve been through them greatfully,
    Just look back, do you find knowledges you\’ve hardly gained for Spm usefull for anything in your furture life?
    Why not plant something than reading crap and wasting papers in these years…
    I don\’t get why we all are dying for a Spm cert.
    Students are like tools of the Goverment Edcation Department,
    to help them in their best show of the country.
    They act as they are eagering to get a few more cents for living.
    Yes, we are students but why can\’t we make our own choices for our furture by chosing what we like to learn..?
    Fate. I believe no one can change one\’s fate but the person himself.
    The mighty people proved it, right?
    Maybe you are right, I\’ve chosen science and so I have to keep on.
    I appreciate your shoulder..
    Only one point I like to insist on,
    We cant\’s change the reality but we can change our destiny.
    Good examples we can see through Adolf Hitler and Queen Ellizabeth.
    I just want to choose my own pathway instead of following blindly…
    The untold Secret,
    Sorry, I meant "I do not like what I am now forced to study",
    not "I do not like to study."
    Thanks for your advices,
    I hope I will appreciate that.

  6. What u said is completely true.. Indeed school is a stupid place… or should i say the syllabus is the stupid one. and the governments are ever STUPIDER to set this syllabus =.= . u know what , i had the same thought as u since form 3 lolx. and i still have it XP.But i realised the fact that we can\’t do anything to change how the minds of all the fools who set the rules.So,what u can do are1)Follow me , just wait patiently.XP This is the path i choose and although i am having difficulties dealing with it , i believe time shall close all the wounds i got …I can\’t wait to go to college to pursue what i like! ^^2)runaway ? No DON\’T DO THAT DON\’T U EVER EVER do tat !Sometimes .. pains are unbearable.. But even so.. when u are in pain,just think of the things u can do once spm is over. Just think of the great future u will be having with ur loved ones..That will help u overcome the obstacles ^^ Good luck !

  7. Zen9night,
    2 years.. wait patiently?

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