Ordinary Night

    I’m having English debate competition tomorrow.. Hope I will not present that bad as in Chinese Debate for disapointing my teammates. I won’t repeat that nervous-crap-talks while shivering again… This competition we prepare in the last minute. The gang is not planning to sleep tonight for the preparation of it. They are spirited, and great. I am happy to be one of their teammates after a 3 hours discussion in Ji’s house… It was 15 hours till I came back to home since I left for school!
    School work is not much, but I made mine twice for leaving those till the night before dateline. I have Add Maths, Maths and History to hand up tomorrow morning, otherwise 3 pairs monster green eyes will be ready to stare at me. As in conclusion, it is going to be another sleepless night again… lalalala~
Night time is one of the best moment of the day!

4 responses to “Ordinary Night

  1. o.O LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….. ur in the english debate??representing union isit??xD….. so, chun the timing . Me and my friends was also planning to go watch english debate in clhsMy bro is oso taking part in an english debate tmr.hahax…. ^^ maybe same event?Good luck tmr~

  2. Good luck to 姐姐\’s English debate 2moro. The secret or tips for this debate is Preparation. I use to be nervous last time when i was in Form 1 especially when teacher "invite" me to giv a speech. But now, I am not nervous anymore now. Juz think that there is nobody around and u will be brave.I use to do so now too. Preparation should be done very early as i said it was the secret or tips. This may help 姐姐 to be braver. And homework should not be leave to dateline. 姐姐 should snatch time to do that during sch time. Time will not wait for us, so we muz race with time. I use to be free at home. And that\’s why i can add so many and long comments for 姐姐 recently. And lastly, I would like to apologise if i was ever rude to 姐姐.

  3. Hey!
    You should take more rest!
    It\’s bad for your health if you sleep less…

  4. XzarZZ,
    haha.. How I wish so.
    It\’s just too bad that i am not that good to represent school yet.
    The untold secret,
    I dont really like racing.
    We are born to enjoy.
    Thanks, neway.
    It is really different in my place between night and morning.
    I\’ll try to sleep early k?

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