Another Ordinary Night

    I’m having Pertandingan Bahas tomorrow, or I shall say "today". Was not thinking to do anything for it(aka give up), since I thought I am not interested in this language. I signed up under my friend’s request. She must has thought that I am good in these since the Chinese debate I went. Seriously and honestly, I am Not Good At All!. I wanted to take part to expose, gain experiences and I never expect to win. It is just too bad that they are thinking the other way about me.
    There was once I told myself not to regret but try my best for the next step. Yeah, I applied them in things, such as Outside activities and anything besides studies. "Sh*t".. this may not sound nice but I really don’t feel "nice" in this moment. Tomorrow is the day, to have Add Maths test. The only thing I know about Add Maths is to copy, copy, and copy Yong’s exercises. Why is ths happening? I do not know.. Excuse: Maybe "habits are hard to die" I’ve got better since I seldom do a Maths exercise last year. So copying is counted as good enough for me. Thanks a lot to the internet. I am still drowning in this illutrating world… Ah.. my blog.. my world.. Maybe I will change in 180 degrees after getting a big fat zero for my result.
    Talking about this illustrative world, Cing prooved that people could make money through internet. I mean a lot… But what if one day everyone is hiding at home with their internet connection one day? Who will be there to work…

4 responses to “Another Ordinary Night

  1. "Copying aint wrong,but you must always know what have you copied.Don\’t copy blindly."
    A famous sentences right? =]
    Dont only regret after getting a big fat zero.It may be too late.Remember our target?
    Work harder,even we can\’t get an excellent result,but at least we try it.
    Habits can change.(I know it\’s quite difficult to do so.But,as long as you got the heart to change,sure you can!)
    Starting from now,it\’s better to train yourself to be responsible on every works you do.Excuses wouldn\’t appear if you really do so.
    (I wonder you understand what i\’m trying to say.)
    Anyway,I agree with you at the last two sentences.

  2. That sentence is really familiar and I will always agree with.XD
    Yeah.. for 5s1.. I get what u are trying to say.
    You are right, excuses are just excuses..

  3. xD…. the only people who makes a lot money through the internet is the peoples who have the creativity.Youtube, for instances was a prove that creativity pays.Copying / plagiarism ~~ saves time =P

  4. Just remember, never regret to the things that you have done…

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