Red Pill Vid

School work is just so heavy, for you and me. Let’s watch Matrix while taking a short break online.
Do ignore this if you feel it insulting or something. I am looking from the angle of third party here.
Neither pencadang, nor pembangkang. =)
Malaysians, Choose the Red Pill 

Meanwhile, this is what I find in the details. We shall have a simple Reading.. Just a simple one, k?

"Taken from the movie The Matrix, this scene shows Morpheus asking Neo to choose between the red and blue pills.
Likewise, Malaysians, must choose. To stay in ignorant bliss, or to uncover the truth amid the lies and deceit.
Find out about the corruption practices which have become the norm in Malaysia. Find out if your leaders are making YOUR life better or making THEIR life easier with your money.
Find out if they are flushing this country down the drain. Find out how much federal reserves we have. Find out how corrupt and dirty our leaders are. Don’t stop at the ministers, find out even till the highest man, the PM.
I’m only asking you to seek the truth
."   – A random Youtube User


2 responses to “Red Pill Vid

  1. xD… the population of sleeping beauties in malaysia isnt going to wake up any time soon for what i knowBut its good to know that the newer generation cares bout politics

  2. That\’s y.. It\’s quite a stupid idea to use banners to wake people up..
    Wasting papers and ink.
    I hope they will.. ahem in some day~
    Er.. shall I reply with a "thanks"?
    Politics is sometimes fun,
    they are true jokers.. XD
    Hoi, it is our country la.

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