Things did happend to be not so happy in school. I got fooled again, by someone who-I-do-not-even-know.. She just knocked my head again. It seems like I am doomed to get into troubles with the teachers.. I’ve been trying to keep silent and dissapear after I left my possition.. I mean ~Hello! I am trying to be a good girl. Why is it that hard to go out to attend an activity? We are guides, kay..
    And I suddenly thought of what I was trying to remember this morning,
"Toleransi- Kesanggupan bertolak ansur, sabar dan mengawal diri bagi mengelakkan berlakunya pertelingkahan dan perselishan faham demi kesejahteraan hidup.."

3 responses to “Doomed..

  1. pertelingkahan dan perselishan faham demi kesejahteraan hidup.
    even the word"dan" cannot miss out. LOL!

  2. U indeed is a very good girl. I strongly support u. That\’s the way to cheer up urself. I love that sentence. That\’s good if u remember the definisi without seeing.

  3. The untold secret,
    I wrote it out myself okay…
    lol.. Fine..
    I should be the one who said that.

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