Sketch Compt. crap

    It was over, no matter for how many times I’m feeling bad nothing will change.. It is another failure after a couple of hard work.
06 log book compt, last HQ camp, and now this.. I wander if it is my fate. The judges could not accept us because our story was being too negative.. and the hopeless school hall PA system. It’s just not so nice when she said we have no marks for one part because she could not hear the background music.. I made, I searched, I begged, and finally finish… Anything and everything; everything and anything, it’s all gone now..
    Yeah.. I am the person who made changes to make it a sad story. Blame me for anything.. I thought the judges would be open-minded, I thought what does matters are the skills of the actors but not some lame-not-funny sketches.. This is a litle special way I was planning to try out, since it sounds nice for me.. Touching but sweet. =)
    Last but not least, Lee pin is a good actress, she managed to roll her tears after just a few mins of time and then she could cry as much as she like.
Lee pin, I respect you. lol.

10 responses to “Sketch Compt. crap

  1. I respect you all.
    One part of the movie nearly made me cry…hehe
    It just looked like the real life that the poor person facing.
    I enjoyed watching it. As my tears gonna came out at the moment you die in the sketch (affected by the background music too.)
    Doing your best if better than being the best.!  Don\’t need to care about what the judges think of ….hehe..

  2. Thanks ya!
    It\’s ok now…The teachers were \’drunk\’..
    Don\’t think about it anymore…^^

  3. cy,
    Your words are the best compliment.
    lol.. Which part was looked real? did u mean the 1st one?
    I am totally agree with your last sentence,
    but.. we could do better.. =)

  4. Alexis,
    "i want to see mom.. i want to see mom… she will treat me well…."
    "Okay sis, Good night sis.."
    But… haiz.. k la.

  5. xD whats a sketch competition?

  6. I am very sry to hear that. But i also cannot giv any comments. Sry coz i am not able to giv any comments.

  7. XzarZz,
    It\’s smtg like a drama.
    But not that long.
    Mainly students do it for fun.^^
    haha, nvm. Maybe you are not into that.
    I\’m glad that you are always supporting my blog. =)

  8. hey,ur performance was fantastic la. really touching.

  9. Joanne,

  10. I use to support my BEST friends\’ bolg.=)

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