Nothing much

    I learned a lot today, especially about the new way of hiking up in penang hill top(for me) and a good service in Friday Restaurant.
From preparation meeting till Penang hill hike and lastly Friday’s dinner, things went normally.
I shall admit that it is my fate, my fate.. Fate…  It is just my fate.
Great Day..

4 responses to “Nothing much

    i knew u wanted to but u forgotten right?
    or i\’m too busy…
    sorry for that,
    u know, everything comes at the end of March,
    competition, MSSPP badminton,
    crash together….
    when u go next time,
    can u pls inform me?
    i wanna join…
    for some exercise, if not later become ah ma got no strength

  2. I like today…because of today,i realised something important. I will tell what i feel today in my blog tomorrow.
    Really thanks you all for helping me so much. and also,waiting for me. =)
    I like today!
    and i like your background too!! XD

  3. hahahahahahahahahahaha=P the service in the restaurant made eu hong paiseh till wanna die d

  4. Wan cing,
    Sorry ler GF..
    Kay, let\’s just say I wanted but I was afraid you might not be able to mix with them..
    I\’m really sorry ler..
    Oh yeah, you have debate or smtg oso right?
    Haha, Great days you having!
    But don\’t forget to sit down and have a cup of coffee too.
    No problem we will go again next time!
    Choon Yong,
    Sure, will be awaiting for your updates. 
    And after NAG,
    Your blog gonna be full of "chess words" again.
    Thanks, I like both backgroud image and music!
    Haha, TEH ar..
    haha haha haha hahaha…
    They are cool lar..
    It\’s a good way to celebrate actually, but not for TEH.

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