I just came back from National Age Group, this trip was different. Without Thong and the seniors.. but all the horrible children.. Yes, children are evil. I am planning where to throw my own ones if I find them annoying like William and Benjamin in one very far day. Probally into the big dustbin with cover..
    It was a trip full of mental tortures. My mind was going to burst for functioning so much after a long pause. I had never been treating this game seriously, and I guess I should. Girls’ categories are nothing compare to the boys’, many players can see it clearly. Some boys just wished that they could play in the girl’s. "If you can play as well as Wei Yang, there is no one can stop you in your category." this line came to my ears that day. Alright, I am feeling lucky as I am born to be a girl. Meanwhile feeling guilty for not playing well like the boys. Duh.. what I am talking about.. If only I could concentrate on the game I should play better..
(my game with a PCGHS player, worst performance of all)
4 points out of 8 I got, lost to Nurul Atikah, Shuang Ying, Lee Lee Yin, and Choon Yong… Choon Yong in the last round!
    I found most human are the same, they dig holes, jump in, regret and complain. I chose to step on chess, guides and of course studies. Now I am finding it hard. Life is getting tough, they are like 3 insane killers chasing me with their own weapons. How I wish I can forget everything and concentrate on chess. Like Yeoh Li Tian, nothing much but chess, chess, and chess. Choon Yong did not want to face reality, she wanted to stay in the trip longer. Me too! Things are getting heavy and heavier, I do not know where to start! I am having trainning tomorrow morning, Guides penjagaan kanak-kanak for the whole afternoon. Evening will be resting and sleeping like dead. Saturday morning training again, afternoon gathering preparation. Sunday PFS Open Whole day. When is the time for homework and studies? School tests are not finished yet! *nag nag nag nag..*
    Alright, take these easy.. I am who I am and I will get them done.. hah.. finish nagging. It’s time to work.
    National Age Group was normal, we went and returned like taking part in a tournament.. What more?

4 responses to “Releasing

  1. hey… u r a senior now 😛 but yea, life as a student is dreadful.. just say: just 2 more years, just 2 more years… and it will pass by just like that… for eg.. i feel like so fast…. im gonna be 18 next year? so weird.. time will pass by like a breeze… just remember to cherish everything you do XD haha

  2. Yeah, time flies. I am "old" now!! but you are older.. =P
    Haha, I rather stay as a high school student than facing the community like the adults.
    They spell "stress" in capital letters, at least we don\’t. lol..
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Well…National Age Group was not that normal…
    It brought us a lot of fun too,although you were been tortured by those children….
    We had the opportunity to stay together for those days,went lepak,ate watermelon everyday! wakakkaa….
    What more?? there are many more…..i will post my blog soon.

  4. Haha, it was a memorable trip with you, yuen sue and joanne.
    k la.. sometimes they are cute oso la.. XD

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