The Last Day..

It was Free School Open, I cannot remember much but him who caused the day became better..


    Was looking around in order to practice angle capturing. And yeah.. I looked weird wondering around. How I ever wished I could be invisible! So then I can do whatever I wish to without distracting them. Lots of moments I missed out to get a work piece. They "slip" fast.. Very. I know I am always reacting slow, it was clearly shown since I was trying to win my brother in fights.. Some of a little I got are the sceneries of the school compound. They are some how "trapped" in the camera. Maybe someday I will try to get them out.. Just maybe.


    Failed, Failed. I have poor skills in both shooting and blitz games. It was an ashamed when I approach to receive my prize. Look, 3 points! What the H*ll I was thinking? Time trouble, panic and then lose to kids? I found some beginners have better EQ than me even I’ve been through more than them.. I am just a failure who never get to control her emotions.. I truly hope this will not to happen in PCGHS open. *Help!! I’m stepping backward!


    Dad took us to have a fine dinner in Rasa Sayang Hotel. He warned me to dress better on the day before.. =.= Of Candles, pretty utensils and a lot "wow" more. It’s my very first time to have a 4 hours-Fine-Dinner in an awsome environment. I had grilled black cord fish, which tasted quite oily.. while others were fine. This cost us 431 bucks. Please do not misunderstand; my family is not that rich Yet. Dad took us there because someone gave him coupons to show some appreciation. I’m just feeling lucky to be born right here in this family. =)

(candle-light dinner)

6 responses to “The Last Day..

  1. Wow! the dinner looks pretty nice. (although i don\’t see the food,but the candles.XD)
    Maybe you have to concentrate more while you\’re playing chess.Don\’t 心不在焉。
    Anyway,I believe you can do better next time. No matter in PCGHS /UHS Open and also MSSPP.

  2. u r very lucky to hav such a dinner. i haven\’t even get to see it. coz my family always busy, can\’t spend time with me. i use to online to chat with friends but unfortunately, some of my best friends even BLOCK me! i really feel sry and juz UNblock me.Thx

  3. CY,
    haha.. but having dinner in such a High Class restaurant was like a torture.
    You know, I don\’t really use to eat in that polite way… Dinner manners: 0%
    Thanks. I\’m sorry to hear that. but.. since when I become your best friend?

  4. when? The first time we meet. 

  5. No..?

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