Salt on wound

    How bad does it feel like being wasted? What is it like to watch all the century hard work disappear in a flash…? Their stares, their critics of everything and anything are horrifying.

The sketch was a total "sad story", we got 4th. Look! 4th=no prize (not-good-ENOUGH) which means all those are rubbish again… Starting from that competition in 2006, when 2 months of vitality was discarded, I dropped and fell every time I try to jump. The alterable finalize results are always killing me. I do not mind failing a Bio test since I never study; but I mind a lot when my efforts come to nothing.


    The imminent are approaching on this Saturday, 30th of march and then 4th of April till 6th.. It seems hard to be enterprising to face the world. What an endless torturing challenge.


2 responses to “Salt on wound

  1. Prize isn\’t mean anything….
    Although your group didn\’t win anything in this competition,but at least you all have done it well.
    Err…my advice to you, you have to arrange your time table properly.
    Competition and the monthly test,两样都要兼顾的确有点困难。
    Anyway,those had already passed.
    Look forword to the mid year exam then!!
    pia! 为了未来。。。。哈哈

  2. The process was mainly just for the prize..
    but.. haiz..
    k lar, pia… pia.. pia lor..

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