A chance to lift up.

    It was a total 360 degrees of changing. My mind is in a blured mood now..
We got OVERALLED CHAMPION in MBS Gathering 2008!!!
    We have been keeping in the cage for years, here’s the chance! Whee!! All the sacrificing are worthy! Bluek..
    It’s so hard to explain how amazing it is to see all the Hardwork turning into illuminating glory. We were once "best dicipline" wei.. 
Great job Union Girl Guides!

5 responses to “A chance to lift up.

  1. Whee~!! Congrates!!
    All The Best in everything too! =)

  2. Thank you!
    Choon Yong, you are sleeping late again.. XD

  3. Congrats!! Hope that UHS can get Champion everytime. And last but not the least, hopethat u can comment on my blog too. I hav started.Thanks!!

  4. Alright, thanks.

  5. LoL …. gratz ^^

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