Camping Thoughts

   I just came back from the camp yesterday, which was one of the most…, different, one. Sorry to say that but it’s my very first time to be eager to go home since the first day. The schooling pressure has already become a burden for us, none were waiting for this camp until it reaches. What a sudden, I finally woke up in my dream, starting to do the competitions’ preparations in the night before. What to do when it comes to last minute? Don’t sleep la. It was all about tying and tying. Flag, mini gadgets, semua one day pia ka liao. OMG… There were no aims, pointless, I felt. I did all these because I never like to lose. Yes, I am always afraid of losing, aka Kia Su.


    She started to nag since the moment we signed in, telling me that this is going to be another boring, dull camp like the past ones. She missed her tuition and stuffs because of this. I felt the same actually, but then since we have attended, we still got to try our best, not matter to "pia" for overall or to enjoy the days together. A glance on their expressions told me one same thing, 6 of us did not have a good night sleep on the day before. 2am, 3am.. Wah! Even she who started to prepare since holidays slept at 4am last night.. Motivation, motivation.. I couldn’t find any other besides, "We all just didn’t want to lose!" We were selected to be the Patrol second in each Patrol since we are "known" as calon Queen Guides and we are more experienced. It’s a torture! Staying on the same boat, some are in a better condition, such as having active members or good patrol leader, like Joanne and I. While others.. undescribe-able. Sandy kept telling me she is getting crazy.. I looked into her, but there’s nothing to do. Her patrol members are passive including her leader.. No matter how high her mini gadgets, name tags got for the patrol, the members still matters. They lost because of their performances throughout the camp sucks. What’s the fate? Only the 6 know when others were sitting a side, having fun leaving one suffering for the team with solitude. Where’s the spirits? What’s a team? How to fight together? It’s not an inter-patrol competition, it’s a one man show challenge.. When they fooled, stayed up late for fun, my hands were shivering tying mini gadgets’ gateway at 3 in the morning. Somebody just couldn’t understand it..


    Lizzy is one of the most unique people I found in the OC gang. She lend me a helping hand lots of times when I needed so much. She had her own concept of thinking; I admire her as being understanding and helpful. Ain’t like the rest of them, who.. Haiz… I experienced the worst of holding a camp, it is uneasy I know, but it never means that you guys had to yell at the members like your slaves k? I couldn’t wait to slap them to awake them. Carol as the Chairlady who paid off the most sweat blood, but she never say a word of complain. When’s your turn to yell at us as one of the little OC?


    This 3 days experience was the camp I learned to know about different people the most, of good and bad.. Some really need a support and praise. Isabelle has slimmed down; I did not see her enjoying at all! I mean.. I miss her smile, her crazy thoughts and whatever funny acts she did. Her pressure is just too much, as one Chinese debate competition pressure can kill, combining with this torturing camp, prefects marching competition, school exams.. Being the top student in school, she suffers twice of our school pressure. I do not know what’s pushing her through all these, wishing her Good Luck is what I can do for her… I guess. Next to Carol, Graduation Committee Chairlady, Renjer Unit Leader, Green House Commander and anything I don’t know.. Her face is turning pale these days. She cares about the society a thousand times more than her results. I hope these won’t really affect her SPM preparation too much. They are really "geng", I respect them. Not forgetting this crazy Joanne, through all her days, she is always positive in facing all kind of situation. There’s no need to travel far to view the famous paintings, fascinating views. These girls I found here have the most inner beauty we can ever imagine.


    Well, I then like to thank my patrol mates and my leader, Jessica. You guys still did a good job comparing to others. I’m feeling lucky to be in this team. Our Dance Rocks wei… Not bad la, not bad la..


cacat campsite model


Patrol Flag. Thx to wei! yang, for the copyright. XD


    Ms Liau told us about a coming international girl guide’s camp holding in Kuala Kangsa this August; we are going to be trained to sing ALL the guides songs to be qualify as the helpers in it. lol.. It’s a good news, right?


5 responses to “Camping Thoughts

  1. I agree with you. I think hui min has a lot of pressure nowadays.
    If i were her,i wonder i am still survive……LOL! well,is a joke. 不好笑的。。笑话? 😛
    As I cannot help you in your guide\’s stuff,the only thing i can do is, wish you good luck la!

  2. Good Luck! And thx for commenting my blog recently. I really appreciate!

  3. Jay,
    Thanks. NP.
    She is damn yeng la..
    Can\’t help me in guides?
    nvm.. lend me your homework to copy would be the biggest help ever.
    LOL.. Thanks.

  4. to be honest, huimin is suffering. the pressure is really unbearable.
    hope she\’s ok!
    hehe. you this ps not bad la, did everything well.
    although you hated so much to register,you were highly spirited throughout the camp.
    thanks for ur praise, it makes me paiseh nia x)
    in a nutshell, 倩云 is such a handful!!

  5. Joanne,
    I think.. we all went though the same pathway.
    well done!

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