Making life simple

    The air around us is getting worst each day. People have no passion to talk outdoor under the hot sun, they hide in the air-cond room as they never know that they are making it worst with the CFC given out by the stupid machine.. Oh no, the world is walking toward it’s end. Earth is going to burst!! I can’t wait to escape from this horrible carbon-dioxided-town.

     Having a cup of tea in a cosy environment is the best thing on earth! I just go my permission to walk to moongate after school again! Kakaka…

I’m visiting no. 84’s monkeys tomorrow!


3 responses to “Making life simple

  1. I agree. The earth is really going to burst.

  2. =P i went to 84 today?

  3. Jay,
    I hate the stupid sun la wei..
    the day is getting hot!
    Pro la you…
    went up and down.. hehe

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