I woke up late today, so as her who tried to fix the phone last night. I’m starting to doubt whether it is a good choice to study in a girl’s school and especially in a crazy class like mine. Or, I shall just say that my classmates are getting insane each day, of the voices turning louder and louder, I am practicing my passion while doing my AM. Haha.. No offence. They are sometimes quite fun though.


    School was normal.. Sleep, talk, homework, and get shock. There’s always something happening around. We received a request to be helpers in the coming Girl Guide training camp. The juniors have poor knowledge of all the camping skills, so we are wanted to teach and guide them in gadgets building, flag rising, roll-call, fire lighting and stuffs. Oh no… I had never wished to repeat our guilty again, the OC are stepping on our stained pathway, and they really need briefings before the worst arrives. It all came in a sudden; I accidentally expressed what I’ve been holding on from them to her. Sorry, Joanne.

    Things went on as planned, I reached Youth Park at 4.30pm after walking for 40 minutes from school. I finished bathing and started to hike up at 4.45pm, enjoying the journey from the starting point, passing though no.3 until no.5. It was 5.45pm when I decided to continue hiking towards a higher point. To give it a try? or not.

 No.3 view.


    I struggled, finally confirmed. How much I shall advice everyone not to go hiking alone especially a path you are not familiar with. As the pathway was getting strange and dark, I doubted whether I should turn back or not. Freaking bushes shacked mysteriously, I started to imagine as I looked down towards the slanting clift: What if some creature came out to ambush me at the next second? What if I fall down into the cliff? What can I do to rescue myself? The only answer is to scream as loud as I can to call for help. Yes, I had to get my throat ready…  What a joke.


    I made another decision when I saw the road sign leading to no.39 and no.84. I have gave myself too high expectations for wishing to reach 84. I chose 39 at that moment. Seeing the 39’s pondok and other hikers was like reaching heaven in reality. I survived. It was a new place for me. I sat down at a corner and started to enjoy the view.. Lovely! I’m facing my Granny’s old house, Padang tembak. And then I managed to recognize the schools by observing the green fields, PFS, CLHS, Han Chiang.. Wow, and the huge mosque. Penang Island seemed so small in my eyes.


Catch the big field?


    A caring uncle talked to me, the elders advised me to start hiking down as the day was getting dark. I couldn’t get an accompany as I wished since they were hiking down to padang tembak instead of youth park. I started at 6.33pm.. This was how the nightmare began; I better not to describe too much to remind myself about it again. I rushed like insane when I saw a bush shacked while I passed by. If I’m not mistaken it got to be the snake I saw when I hiked up. And again, I repeated the worst imaginations, and questions. This time I found a better answer for myself, which is: “I will never fall, and nothing is going to hurt me".


    Finally, I reached no.5. I felt so great to see humans again. They chatter, their laughs, bagai suara bidanari dalam telinga saya. I am still alive wei! I then only realized that I’ve used 15 minutes to run down a distance which I took 40 minutes to walk up in a quick way. *Sigh.. Thank God for allowing me to survive, thank the orange and blue snake for not attacking me, the ribbons and spray along the road for me to build up more confidence, the clouds for not raining and everything.



    And then there were nothing much to talk about.. I jogged to 1 stop bus stand, took bus, reached home. Yeah, lastly kena nag by my dear mom who has been worried sick since the day went dark.


    I’m feeling lucky to be able to write this post right now, life is precious. I’ve learned a lot through this trip, it was about this word that made me succeed finishing the whole journey:"Believe"

And er.. oh ya. Maybe I should understand situations before I started planning. X)


Who the idiot captured her shoes?


I know it’s long, thanks for reading.



4 responses to “Fiction

  1. hey,
    dont go hiking alone next time kay..
    especially in the afternoon or evening…
    morning\’s still okay…
    i wonder i can still hike…
    i have to admit that i\’m not as fit as a fiddle now due to the hectic lifestyle…
    when\’re u going again..
    inform me ba,
    make it in the early morning if possible…

  2. haha. next time if you see snake again, scream and shout as loud as you can! =P
    ur prince would come to rescue you and bring you through it. x)
    dun plough in a lonely furrow, its dangerous. you knw la, bad people all around.
    let\’s go to KERACHUT! wakakakakakakax.

  3. It\’\’s long but interesting.
    Btw,i need to look into the dictionary for many words in this post la wei….XD
    Too bad,my vocabulary…..haizz…
    Hey.I admire you!!!
    How wish i could build up my confidence and accompany you to go for hiking.
    Wancing,at least you still wondering…So,you still can try la.
    whereas me,I admit that I totally cannot…..(for now,future i dont know then.) LOL!
    Joanne, yeah! go Kerachut lo! haha….

  4. GF,
    Lol, sometimes it\’s easier to be independent. XD
    I usually go after school cause it\’s very convenience to walk there.
    Up to you la.
    just give me a word whenever u feel like.
    Oh my..
    where was my prince when I needed him so much?
    Since jing yao oso suggested. let\’s go!
    Haha.. thanks.
    It\’s dono how to write "6 draws".
    You know, when there\’s hui Ting, there\’s nothing to be afraid.
    She will definetely die before you.
    Bluek, why not go picnic?

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