A gift

    "Yeah, uncle?"
    "Come, your hands are dirty."
    Uncle was coming out with something new and interesting again. He made some soaps himself. I wonder how did he make it..
He gave me one after completing 5 blocks..
1st shot.


Nice right? Guess what did he use as the mold.. XD



8 responses to “A gift

  1. haha.. i remmeber making soap b4 in an experiment.. soapy experiment XD… forgot how to do lol… but it was an irregular shape 😛 … cool..haha

  2. Lol.. I wanna play!!

  3. Hi! I like to know how to do the soap. Hope that u could teach me! Thx

  4. Too bad, I\’m wondering too. maybe u can check on the web.

  5. How ya? i dont know too. haha…
    I just know how to make the soap float on the surface of water. XD

  6. Haha..
    what i know is to melt the soap and then pour it into another mold to make "new soap"!
    eh? jz throw a soap into the water lar?

  7. Eh…you try and see….just throw it into the water…
    well…this time really sigining off d. XD

  8. i tried throwing my soap into the water,
    but canot eh..
    so what\’s the secret =D

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