great news of the day

It’s black, It’s back!!
My camera has recovered!
Whee!                                                                                                   Whoo!
But… brother just took it out again.
I’ll break his neck if he ever try to spoil it again…

9 responses to “great news of the day

  1. Gratez!!
    Can see tinggy keep on taking photos again. XD

  2. THX. It\’s on and it\’s gone. Brother is taking it to melacca for one week! !@#$%^&*…

  3. its black, its back? kinda sounds like ur describing me? =P

  4. Congrats!
    It\’s finally back ya!^^

  5. Cooldude,
    Sorry, pls dont feel that way.
    i was using San\’s fav quote.
    lol.. For how long i\’ve been missing your shadow in windows space.
    Where hav u been?

  6. LOL…. gratx

  7. LOL… thx

  8. congrats!

  9. haha.. thanks.

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