I killed my brain cells

    Did you know.. Sometimes we shouldn’t to be too thoughtful?
Things may not be that complicated as what we thought..
Why not make life simple? Sleep, and eat.. and jump around…
Yeah, you may say yes.
It’s just too bad that I don’t..
I couldn’t smile for the whole day when I thought of this.
She is actually not that horrible as I thought, I guess..
She is still the same, just like the person who I knew.
A better choice is to find out the truth before imagining.
Now I got why they said
"A man’s mind is the most dangerous thing on earth."
We can imagine about anything and then assume that it’s true.
I am the only one who thought of all these possibilities anyway…
(Not to worry her names doesn’t start with "G".)

2 responses to “I killed my brain cells

  1. yeah, sometimes we do think too much…
    maths & addmaths arent that complicated as we thought,
    because most of the time, the answers are just right in front u,
    and u digged ur head the whole day to get that only digit…
    just like what i did…
    how simple it was the question,
    but how "complicated" my mind was that time…

  2. haha… yeah\’re right.
    simple is nice,
    but it\’s because of being too complicated,
    human get to invent different stuffs and finding new ways..

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