Msspp Chess

    It had just come to a stop. The team event is going on next week, but for most of us.. it’s the end. Yes, an opportunity to take part in MSSM.. It all depended on our performances in the individual event. For different players, they have their own expressions.. Some were jumping around for squeezing into top 4 placing, some were feeling depress of the disappointing results.. Staring at the names and the points they had, the 3rd kind were still having hopes to have their names filled into the 5th and 6th blanks in the MSSM name lists. I lost my words after knowing the results.. This is the 4th type of expression, only joanne and ting.
    Ah, what a tournament. I’ve been using at least 1 hour and 50 mins for 4 games.. these opponents were Choon Yong, Yuen Sue, Chen Nee and Chen-Yong. My game with Choon Yong was a lucky-draw, her time dropped and I had no other pieces besides a lonely King; about Yuen Sue’s lost… Gah, all I can say is that I was indeed very, very, very lucky for her nervous Qh6+ mistake and the fault of Flag dropped. My 7th game with Chen Nee was the most I’ve ever tried among all my past games, as being affected by the time trouble, my mind was in a mess when I saw my flag was about to drop and she still left 4 minutes. I blundered, and I lost.. Last game was with Chen-Yong. We played.. We struggled.. and she blundered her Queen. The reason was? Yeah.. time trouble. She left 4 mins while I left 6. These 4 experiences have been repeating me important lessons:"To stay calm no matter what", and "to use time wisely."
    What is "L-U-C-K"? It helped me in most of the games which I was supposed to lose, especially… Haiz.. I’m feeling sorry. It does not feel good at all to lose when one was winning, right? I don’t mind if they’re starting to hate me since that.
     I talked to San before I left, who missed out the top 4. This is their last year, the last chance to make into MSSM. There are still 2 empty seats left.. Good luck, k..
Congrats for those who are qualified into MSSM.

8 responses to “Msspp Chess

  1. lucky =P.But then again , time management is a skill not luck ….gratx

  2. you slept late at night again….XD
    "再给我两分钟" kept on appearing in my mind while the flag is going to drop. XD

  3. who can tell me the results?lolz…n who are the players that qualified to mssm for u18g

  4. Congrats ya!
    Do remember  to do your best in MSSM!
    Gambateh ya!^^

  5. gratz!!! all da best for mssm i think sanjeevwa made it <according to mr.khaw.. i try to take interest in these things:P haha

  6. hey cooldude 😀 what about joanne?

  7. Congrats! Hope that u can try ur best during MSSM and win some prizes for Penang. Good luck in MSSM!

  8. Jay,
    Thanks. I\’ll try my best.
    you too must work hard for next year!Joanne,
    Joanne is cute.
    haha.. that\’s the fate of having a gang of chess freaks as friends.
    Thank you. I never expect it too.
    Chia Hoey,
    you can refer to
    Choon Yong,
    Haha… i\’m always sleeping late.=P
    you never know how much i was hoping ur flag to drop wei.. lalalala~
    YEah right…
    know u got both side of skills lar.. hehe

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