duplicating past post

    Phew.. Msspp just finished. Things seem to be going back to normal again.. I did nothing at home these two days besides wasting time, and wondering around. I’m no longer rushing for tournaments and activities. All that left now are only about school stuffs.. homework, and exams.. yeah exams, something I found them worrying about.
     What’s life meant to be? To enjoy, to relax, or to suffer? I guess life is meant to have a better life. I’ve been enjoying my days more than ever, somehow I never learn to face reality. Mom has always been asking me to place my studies as my first priority, I don’t, but make thing goes opposite in my way. Till the very last moment, I’m still lingering at the starting point. Oh no…
    We went to MGS orchestra and choir concert jz now.. Found nothing but getting confirmed of what I was always thinking about. From social hierarhy until personalities, Chinese-ed and English-ed students are having a big difference.. Don’t you think so?
    Enjoying and relaxing.. left nothing but homework. You can call me either carefree or "lam Nua". I don’t care.
    We just got to love life! right? wei, yang?

5 responses to “duplicating past post

  1. yes enjoy ur life as much as you can! life is short, why make it so difficult?
    but before that you must manage ur time well. life is not just about having fun and sleeping and jumping around
    (looks like it is self-critism haha)
    anyway, mid year exam is just around the corner! JIA YOU my friend. all the best, get excellent result!

  2. Haiz…
    As you mention here….
    We gonna face the reality now.
    I guess I am still escaping from waking up right now.
    The fearful thinking come out again. I am afraid of everything again. I don\’t want to sit for the exam.
    Chinese-ed and English-ed stdents have a big difference?
    Err….Probably the big difference is only the way to communicate.
    And,seems that english is more important than chinese….for me,it\’s really bad la!!
    Gambateh la!!

  3. Joanne,To make life difficult so that it can be meaningful? LOL!Yeah.. that\’s our lifestyles.. most simple ever.. XDsame to you, my friend.CY,haha.. so am I.But life goes on, we have no choice but to follow the flow.I guess we have different opinion about this, English-ed students are more open-minded, they are friendly and also having strong personalities too;while Chinese-ed students are more like.. conservative, shy, plus obedient.I can\’t mention all as this is just a rough thought of what I observed from different friends.Both languages have their own importance,though English is widely use all over the world,it does not mean that Chinese traditional thinkings are meaningless too.We just can\’t study history of China using English..It has different.. "feel"?erm.. maybe la..don\’t forget our promise!

  4. hahahax…. yeahthink that eng-ed and chinese-ed alot of differenc=) chinese-ed more based on results…..guess that education is really important in determining one\’s future figure

  5. um hm, and both have different advantages too.
    it relates that parents and teachers really play important roles in the community.

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