Why not?

    Went to Public Library with Anne, Sze and others after school..
Got annoyed by those so-called manner-less people..
It was as noisy as a coffee shop.
Why not they go somewhere else to do their immortal discussions?
Why not they look for an internet cafe to show off their friendster pictures?
Why not they just control their volume..
Oh my Penang People, are we that low standard for not knowing to keep quiet in a library?
It may be Public, but it’s still a LIBRARY!!

A place where the knowledges are stored..


2 responses to “Why not?

  1. Not everybody is low standard. I did suffer this when I am in the library too. I could do nothing but juz to concentrate on wad I am doing. The manner-less pple should be punished. The library put up a Quiet sign but it seems nothing. The manner-less should be punished.

  2. Haha.. yeah right.
    Even the librarian makes noices by walking around with her high heels.
    What to do… better stay home.. XD

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