After talking for about an hour with mom, I’ve learned more.. Mom is a nice person to talk to, I felt free to crap whatever I feel like. Oh well, she was the one who did the most talking actually.. ^^

We started from pollitics to business, economics, good personalities and lastly phisology. Pollitic was one of the main topic. I couldn’t stand laughing when she told me about these "jokes".

    Mom told me about those she read in the newspaper, which is a list of 7 big projects the goverment planned, paid and end up with nothing.. How sad it is to watch these corruptions happening in our country.. We are still able to survive until now is because of our rich land, the petroleum, and things given by nature. Because of this, they keep on corrupt and corrupting.. thinking about their own profits by pushing the country towards the end. Umno cancelled 2nd penang bridge’s plan, and sekats Penang financial amounts b’cause Penang’s Gov is DAP. What a smart act. I’ll try to post proves for these facts next time, it’s simply too much!

    Having heard that Mr. Anwar may be domitating the politics, how do you think about this? Obviously he has a "supporter" behind who solves all the financial problems. If he really suceeds, what will happen to our country? We can get some hints in form 2 sejarah.. yes, limited by the stronger forces.. Not you, neither me, nor the Malays.. The force who is holding contract with Mr A.. Get me? I believe that there must be a way to stop this country from destroying. It’s just that I don’t know how… YEt.


   Besides, mom brought me something as she just came back from Singapore this evening too, and they are…


K, A bread-pizza and a Donut..           



2 packets of 3 in 1 milo n coffee. Fine..


This is what that started our business topic.

Union YE products =)


Oh ya, next week got exam hor…

then why I’m still here?

Thanks for reading!


8 responses to “Crap..

  1. Thx for sharing all this facts. I did not know something listed above. I could not go blogging recently coz of exam. My dad juz won\’t allow me to touch the PC. He juz let me touch the PC for the most 30minutes. After that, he will start nagging. That\’s all I can comment in this blog entry. I hope that 姐姐 will appreciate all my comments. Thx a lot.

  2. It\’s good to have your parents to control yourself. I just cant pull myself away from the stupid pc! haha…
    Of course I will, including every comment others have left for me too!
    gd luck in ur exams. =)

  3. WAahaha u also in ye ar? haha back when i was in ye time… hehehe nothing much being sold lol .Heheh hope ur products will do good this time ^^ jia you for ur exam oso haha

  4. LOL, didnt know you were once a "ye" too. I have YE member shirt, I support YE stuffs, and I have friends in YE, it\’s jz that I\’m actually not a YE member… haha.. Supporting because of my friends I guess. Chess and Guides are making me "busy-enough", so that\’s y.. =)
    Thanks ya, same to you!

  5. wow, you serious? why is the government so narrow-minded.

  6. no, i\’m joking.
    See lar..
    We independent at the same time with Singapore,
    we have rich land resouces while they have nothing,
    what\’s the difference you can see now?

  7. o0 ur in ye?politics….its about time for malaysia  =O to hv 2 equal power eh partyhahaha… like that there wont be a monopoly alreadyweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. No ler.. me bukan YE.
    Lol.. I think, it still may not be equal oso…
    but, dono ler. gonna see what happens next 1st. 😉

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