Failing 2 subjects

Tried studying Chemistry, and did add maths exercises…



3 responses to “Failing 2 subjects

  1. you know wht, i was kinda happy when i saw the first page of the question paper.
    but then, when i opened the last page of the paper, i almost fainted. shit, i didnt even understand the questions.
     =__= and honestly, the time given was too short.
    haix, forget bout it. concentrate on chemistry. all the best.

  2. nvm l.. this is juz da beginning 😛  new subjects ma…. believe me, all that ur studying now will become much easier next year.. juz keep trying XD i nearly failed my chem last year and nearly failed add maths this juz keep moving forward haha

  3. Addmaths still okay.
    While Chemistry…ahem….
    The moment before i get the test paper,i think it\’s okay.
    The moment after i get the test paper,not okay d…..
    my brain gonna burst!!!
    You know?Chemistry is my favourable subject among the three sciences.
    But,now…. feel like hopeless d….
    I cannot imagine how is the biology on friday….
    Anyway,gambateh ba!

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