Study a bit, nonsence a lot.

Okay, was thinking the way to burn my CHemi text book.. and then attracted to this little thing..
Mom’s association bought a NEW notebook last week.
It’s a SONY VAIO! lol..
Cute, light, nicely designed, fast reaction with it’s windows vista theme too.
It looks just like a portable VCD player with the cover.
Latest and coolest notebook eva..!(for now..)
When you get VAIO, of course your account book will "AIOk" a bit oso la..
Brother’s Dell music ver VS. little VAIO.
Love it! XD
VAIO Rocks!
And that also means I will have mom’s Old notebook as my personal pc too!

3 responses to “Study a bit, nonsence a lot.

  1. haha. congrats. you\’re so lucky to hv a personal pc.
    bring it to melaka 😀

  2. bring it when u go out,
    and then surf the net in starbucks

  3. Joanne,
    lol… thanks. but the "soon" seems not so SOON oso lar..
    siao siao

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