Abnormal mood

History paper 2 and Moral, this morning was horrible…
Due to midnight oil burning yesterday, my brain was in a hypnotizing mode..
Tomorrow having Biology paper 1 and 2,
It’s my last chance.. =/
Afterthat I will be going Melacca for one week..
My holidays in Penang would only left 9 days,
Not much outgoings planned for myself, 
only a Kerachut trip with the leng lui-s
and a brithday celebration for mei xhi, maybe + GF.
Anyone going out?
Hope the time during the following 2 weeks will travel slowly.
As school teachers will have finish marking after school reopens,
I will be receiving red inks on my report card.
I never want to imagine the moment I get my results..
Never, ever…

Happy Holidays!


4 responses to “Abnormal mood

  1. hey!
    good luck in MSSM!
    grab ALL the medals!

  2. hey all the best.
    mssm. it should be an unforgetable trip.
    hv a nice holiday thr. good luck to you!

  3. u\’ve been tagged!
    go to my english blog to check out!

  4. GF,
    too bad, i didnt bring back any…
    Yeah.. it is. =)

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