From Yesterday

    Thong:"Later wanna go out ar?" LoL
    Ting:"Let’s go hiking!"
    Arvind:"Thong said he is not feeling well. Queenbay instead?"
    *Calling everyone…
    It ended up with Sau Fat uncle, Arvind, Thong, Randy Ah Pek, Wong and I appearing somewhere in the mall. We lingered around, doing nothing until Randy dissapeared himself to Baskin Robbin. Hey it’s 31st today! We shared a Quart ice-cream with 5 bucks each, started running to a near by bench and EAT. We were just like children(yes, we are children). With 6 spoons, 6 mouths and 12 legs, we finshed the whole cup in a very, very quick way. It’s been a long time since I ate so much ice-crem at once, it tasted extremely delicious! World Class Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake flavours ROCK!
    We then continued idling, attracted by TIP Boys break dance performance. Those Koreans were so damn Cool. Too bad ah Fat missed the chance to take photo with them. XD Ting started to make noise cause of hungery. We went Nandos for dinner. Thanks to Thong for recommending. We shared a 4 persons meal with Mild Peri flavoured chicken. It was my first time and I enjoyed the meal a lot. Thanks Thong again for belanja-Ing. X)
    The time was getting late. 6 lepak-ers found themselves in a people-less corner. Arvind and Thong showed off in the air-less staircase. Woo-t! Afterthat, take bus. Go home. Great day! Thanks, guys.

4 responses to “From Yesterday

  1. now i know they\’re called Tin Boys,
    new group?
    they did break again today…

  2. Er… SHOULD be la.
    They are from Korea.
    I like them so much la… lol

  3. Sounds great!!
    Aiks…i was in tuition….XP

  4. Yeah lor..
    too bad ler..

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