Traveled 9 hrs

    What can I talk about mssm? My luck was enough for me to squeeze into it, but not during the tournament.
    Enjoyed the first few sweet days shopping, running around.. One word- FUN. It was like going for a holiday with all the good friends, with no tourney mood at all! We stayed in King’s Hotel on the 3rd day onwards because it is closer to D’village.
Morning-mental torture.
Afternoon-eat, sleep, mental torture again.
Evening-shopping, dinner, analysing and sleep.
Yeah, that’s how it was like.  Special thanks to Chen Nee aunty for affecting me to eat fruits everyday. XD

Shh… No phorographing allowed in pakson..

    But then, during the tournament days… another "word" oso – DEAD. was lucky enough to win the first round, and then 2nd round onwards all die d.. I lost 2 rounds, then I thought it was okay… Can beat the rest. Who knows I was too smart in the 5th round. Tried unique moves and blundered. Lost to a Johor girl(Pang smtg..), made my team lost the match to them. Then how ar? no hope d.. Sad.. We only got 5 match points when KL was having 9. Feeling worst when I thought of what Pn Hong said that our "strong" team was given high expetations from them. We dissapointed everyone. What to do? Cry lor… My team lost 2 matches and drew one. Got 4th placing, only certs without medals. Sad Sad.. Thong ngam to me during the closing ceremony.. 3 years he took part in MSSM, but not an individual he had ever get. Last year d, why so unlucky ar? Sad Sad Sad…

5th round pairing.. lost to johor 3:1..


Together we fought, together..

    We spent golden time in Melacca especially the last night. Walked around.. to Jusco at 12am. Then linger in the hotel.. and then decided to go out again at 4am with Gavin and Thong. 3 sad mice walking in the middle of the night on the middle of the road. Each one having their own sadness. Nice lar.. Cooling air, no cars, dark sky.. We heard some alarms in mahkamah Melaka, was kind of freaky. So.. Went back hotel to sleep. lol
    With Chen Nee, Janet, Thong and Boon Wue, we had fun together. There was nothing to say besides a Good Bye. It’s their last year d your know. Won’t be able to see their faces in MSSPP anymore, not to mention MSSM.. And again, I went this tournament for Nothing. Yes, it’s a slip of luck, it’s the destiny. Nobody would be able to explain. Still, gonna thank God for giving this chance to take part in it…. ler.


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