1 hour

Tried some tricks with Photoshop..

This is the original Picture

<Wraped, for her.>




<I’m serious>
Nothing much but changing the effects.
Do comments kay?


7 responses to “1 hour

  1. for me?haha, muka tembok saja me..lol…

  2. i like the last wan =)

  3. GF,
    haha.. maybe. X)
    oh really? thanks!

  4. I choose the third one. =D
    i guess seldom people will choose third one leh…XD

  5. Oh, that one with sepia effect?
    I like it too. =)

  6. I prefer tha last one! ^^

  7. Lao Gong,
    U can click to enlarge it too. =)
    I tried to smoothen the background but I jz made it worst…

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