Still alive

Having birthday is just so fun, I received greetings, wishes and presents too,
especially from those who we only talk twice a year. (yeah, during my b’day and hers.)
For 16 years on earth, I’m still alive!
Enjoying my days on earth, there’s so much to appreciate.
Thank you "Someone" who Christian calls Him "God",
or any respected Nouns base on different believes..
Thanks for creating every-piece-of-thing on earth, including love, peace, and joy.
Thanks for giving every human a touching soul and me a chance to survive.
Not forgetting every single person who has walked/ walking past my life,
your foot steps coloured my memory and my soul. =)
I just had my 16th Birthday on 19th of June!
(Yeah it’s quite sweet…)
It’s been a year since I received birthday presents. LOL..
Gifts from Hui Min and Su Tian, sleeping beside me from today onwards.
A suprised gift from girl guide juniors- Ee Lin, Sue Wei, Yin Hui and Suat Theng.
Nice Huh?
My dream SKATEBOARD from the Chess Freaks Gang!
Let’s start falling!

5 responses to “Still alive

  1. Start falling. LOL
    Haha,you gave me a good laugh when telling me your parents played with the skateboard too.XD

  2. happy belated birthday! not going to give you present cause yr bday is over =P

  3. HA!i\’m gonna save more money now!u\’ve got what i want BEFORE ME!laptop, skateboard, what\’s next?iPod? or iPhone?

  4. cannot get before you ar WC =X

  5. Cy,
    Our characters like jz terbalik as me and brother sat there looking at them with a =.= face.
    But it\’s coming again next year!
    Haha.. I would WISH so much to have an iPhone.
    But there\’s one thing you have can beat me flat

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