Taking “L”embu

Hey, I’m going to write about a normal topic, but in a little interesting way.(trying to)
Alright, it all started on 21st of June…
    I met my cousin sister as I reached Friendly office early in the morning. She was taking her 2 hours motorcycle practical to get "P" license. We chit-chat along the journey, she told me about her experience during her bike riding and stuffs. Since all the challenges she just got through will soon come to me. It’s so fun listening to her! =D
Say Hi to Ah Hui. =)
    Nothing much to say but being disappointed of the course. 3/4 time OF MY BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY JUST BEEN WASTED BY THESE SO CALLED "Cikgu". They were just Berlagak and crapping Lar, ok? I was lucky to meet a "social-pro" Malay young lady. She came from Perak to study and she is now working as an operator somewhere in Penang. I listened to her advices in choosing future university courses too. "The most wanted professionals in Malaysia nowadays is Biotechnologist." She said. But too bad, nobody will know about the future.. I don’t feeling like taking IT and die unemployed like others. She told me what she knows, but I’m still can’t find a suitable path.. =/ How do you think?
   Okay, the test was on the next Saturday. I told myself that it is a must to pass this so called very-easy-mia-undang-test, to safe time and $$. I sacrificed a little sleeping time to study for it, and thank you Aunty Ah Nee for guiding me in answering questions. Friendly agent mia "tao ke" purposely took me to the place with his Mercedes car since the driver just left out my name. Wow…! We had a little conversation along the journey. He recommended me "Honda motorcycle when I asked so." But why? "Honda very good do tiok liao la!" I was suspecting him to be a Honda promoter or something.. But who knows? Back to the point, I did my undang test alone and scored a satisfying result with 48/50. Kakakaka.. Yes, I’m showing off. =P 
Btw, TQ ah yong for ur wish. X)
     The tao ke then took me to my theory course as soon as I finished. Whee.. I met Joanne there. XD Our theory Cikgu Mr Yahaya left us doing nothing after a 20 minutes of crapping. Watching her riding was so fun because:
 1)She is pretty
 2)She is skillfull
 3)She is Joanne.


The location of our tutor centre is beside the airport in Batu Maung. It has a very nice view especially during sun set. =>


    Okay, last process to get Lembu–Practical 3 hours. Today, was my very first time to ride a bike seriously. Ah Sir gave me the key without teaching anything! I struggled on the bike a while before I learned to control it. Wah! Siok! So with other beginners, we took turns to ride and rest. My skin got darker under the HOT sun.. =/
Following what the speaker said yesterday, we practiced:
Buat likuan 8..
Naik "Titi"..
Pusing kon..
Buat hand signs..
<Ya kah?
    I had chances to talk with some other learners who are under the same agent with me, especially a han chiang scouts ex-TL. lol.. He is friendly and nice. I mean.. yeah. He told me that he has a f1 sister who is studying in UHS too.
"Eh, ah moi ar.. must appreciate your brother tau?" XD
I’m taking my license on Wednesday. LET’S ROCK!


6 responses to “Taking “L”embu

  1. haha….
    Gambateh in your practical ya!!
    Nice view!!!

  2. thanks. =)

  3. wahsai happy lor to see my name here, paiseh nia huahuahaha ;D

  4. Smile more lor. =)

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