Sometimes, I do not expect too much from my friends.
I just wished that they dont put a killing trick on me.. 
I mean..
I know you asked her to take our certs for convenience sake,
but please do not be that dumb for not informing us okay? 
This is not the first time I got disappointed with you..
And to mantain our friendship,
I hope it’s the last one.

4 responses to “Hot!

  1. calm down 😀

  2. thanks. i am.. XD

  3. o.O wah.. sometimes some ppl like tat wan la hehe. If tat fren of yours done it unintentionally , ma forgive him/her lor.. after all , frens are hard to get nowadays. But if he/she did it on purpose, then ma %@#$@%#$#$ her . Make him/her suffer MUahahz SHow ur true colours ! ! ! Show him/her that he/she is messing with the WRONG GAL!!!!!!! Oops.. get a little too excited heheh well hope you are ok XD

  4. FAt!!
    finally i see your comment!! haha…
    it doesnt seem like a purpose..
    but her foolishness is making me fed up.. lol

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