Finally, I had my very first road accident. It was a wet and cooling Sunday. Free natural air-condition for those worms who were sleeping in their sweet homes. Very good.
It went opposite to motorists, especially a noob-begineer like ME… =.=
As I was speeding to botanical garden main gate, Joanne waved her hand to me at the bus stop.
I lost my mind in a sudden and tried to stop there..
Guess you know what happend next. XD
it was like..
“Er!? …. WTF!!”
Special appreciation to the kind hearted strangers who lent a helping hand to me, and my bike.
Two eye-witness: Chi Hao and Joanne. =D


And with this, my bike lost it’s left side lamp.
Say Hi to ST and AH Gong. =)
Who would expect it?
I eventually experienced another accident during my way back..
Of losing control on the slippery road,
I knocked a passer-by’s waist, and fell for the 2nd time..
 This was a bad one.
“Hey, I’m sorry k..”
Both side lamps were broken,
  Plus the handbrake, and the right mirror too..
It’s a new one!!
Earnd some wounds and bruises..
RIP Little Ting..

See ME on the road?



5 responses to “Opps

  1. i have nothing to say.XD

  2. just dun speed la. see tiok yr blog also scare scare d.just gotta be careful!!!

  3. WC,
    Haha.. wat ler.. =P
    No pain, no fun.
    lalala~ jk crapping.XD

  4. you really knock down people or not? careful la…

  5. erm.. yeah.. but he did not fall.
    thanks, i will. XD

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