Lucky+lucky=extreme bad luck

I TRIED to label today as a "good day". As all my past post are mainly about bad things, the viewing rates are going lower. Oh wait, my visitors are just a few intimate friends of mine, it does not mind actually. I know, I’m still a hundred-thousand miles away from Kennysia’s blogging stage… Bla Bla.
    Morning in school was good.(If you forget about mom’s oversleeping and caused my number got drag down by the prefects again.) I HATE PREFECTS! Especially those guarding at the small gate, getting ready to drag down lucky numbers to buy 4D. *No offence, Joanne.*
    School bell rang. I crawled like a wilted-green-tree, in my renjer uniform to the bus stand. Like always: Chasing bus Madly. Feeling lucky, stopped the bus and start my dizzy steps to home. Yes, my home sweet home. I can finally take a cold and refreshing shower!

Endless path


    Thought of getting my motor from the shop, I began to search for my purse. And then started to be nervous. Mom showed a questioning expression watching me looking up and down again, and again.. and screamed. "MOM!!!! I left my purse on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I lost my IC, riding liscence, and 60 bucks all at once. What the… HUH!?
    I tried calling rapid customer services but there was nobody to answer. Oh ya, it’s 5.32pm. Office hours of the day just ended.
Based of the mind-written history:
 I lost my hand bag in Ipoh few years ago. – Learned to avoid carrying handbags.
Then I lost my purse in KL last year. – Was taught to be aware of my belongings even if there’s delicious KFC in front..
Purse left in public bus.. – Now what? Never take bus?


Random Rapid Bus.


    I could’nt stop murmuring to myself like a maniac, and then headed to the nearby shop to get my motorbike. The total repairing payment was 80 bucks. I struggled a few simple sentences with my broken cantonese to make sure it is in a good condition. Freedom is back! I thought.
    I rode it to to refill at the nearest patrol station, and experiment a little speeding. Godness gracious, the engine sounded like a spoiled refrigerator as it was going to explode soon when it traveled around 50km/h. I reached 60km/h, the stearing got freaky. I felt like losing control at any moment.


Why on earth I am posting this!??


    Hey.. it WAS not like that.. I mean.. did I spoiled it for speeding with 90km/h last time? Come on.. C70 is not that bad, isn’t it? With this, mom banned me from riding to school tomorrow. THat’s the fate. I have to take bus home again..
PS. Without lefting ANYTHING behind!


Oh ya, why not try biking?


By adding some wheels on it you’ll have a "car" in the caveman times.


3 responses to “Lucky+lucky=extreme bad luck

  1. 迟到怪学长抄名字,原来你也一般见识

  2. 不够学长高深,理所当然。

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